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LOA – Mega Bundle


List of titels:

1. Discover you passion
2. Your sacred unity
3. Attracting true love
4. Removing love roadblocks
5. Your genius zone
6. Overcoming bad habits for good
7. Claiming your true authority
8. Your divine manifesting power
9. Your spiritual guide
10. Your invisible side of success
11. Strong mental health secrets
12. Your money magnet
13. Spiritual money blueprint
14. Your divine gifts and talents
15. Overcoming failure for good
16. The secrets of youthfulness
17. The powerful you
18. Visionary entrepreneur secrets
19. Magic of stillness in you
20. Removing reality roadblock
21. Magnetic relationships with others
22. Soulmate attraction secrets
23. At your command
24. Brave thinking
25. The secret prayer
26. The power of now
27. Discover your hidden treasure
28. Greatness in you
29. Your unlimited power
30. Attract better vibrancy with the right food

It’s me, Mr. Law of Attraction! 

This is what people graciously call me because with one tiny nudge, I can foresee a miraculous chain of events starting to unfold.

I must say, I’ve been watching you lately.

And you seem to be struggling to reveal the outcomes you most want in your life.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit frustrated?


I know you often imagine how effortless and abundant your life could be, yet you aren’t sure how to get there.

But what if I told you that no matter how far away you feel from a truly joyful life right now ~

You actually have the power to set the Universe in motion to deliver whatever your heart desires?

I’m talking about transforming yourself into a skilled manifestor where you’ll easily welcome the abundance, the people, and the opportunities that will bring you your greatest bliss.

You see, I’ve just nudged, and I’ve seen your future.

And let me tell you – it’s beautiful!

Now, I don’t always share my most precious miracles with humans, but you’re one of my favorites. 😉

So here’s one miraculous gift that will allow you to manifest more blessings in your life fast!

Snjezana Ristic, the Universe, and I have come together today to bring you this precious gift.

I can’t wait for you to use it because once you do, your manifesting ability will never be the same.


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